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2013: a graphical overview

Expected images? Sorry. I can however present a tag cloud for 2013, based on daily logs:

2013 has been a really good year. If one looks back to the promises I made myself for the year, a few conclusions can be made.

Lift have been a stunningly great tool for me. Reading, writing, and exercising have been going really well. A few book recommendations at the top of my head: Into the Plex (a book about Google), Inside Scientology, American Gods, and A man called Ove (potentially the best book I've read - ever). Props to my Kindle Paperwhite that makes books possible. I have also started using Day One for microblogging on a personal level. Interesting to see how valuable it will be a few years from now.

Social media wise, it seems Facebook is less trendy now. I love it. Lets hope this continues. Next year, we might not have Facebook accounts. Fingers crossed.

When it comes down to my quarterly goals, I kind of managed two out of three important factors: get some work done, and travel a lot. Truth be told, I had aimed for higher level traveling, and as it is now I have not left Europe. But nevertheless, travel is still on the top of the list of things I want to, and should strive to do. A huge shoutout to my fellow travel companions that repeatedly decide places they want to go and then drag me along (kind of literally since I counted as "disabled" during our last trip to Paris - a stunning experience that everyone should try out, more on that later).

Quick highlight reel from 2013:

  • Climbing. The one exercise form that everyone should try out. Do it. Now.
  • Mountaineering in Sarek. Quoting Wikipedia:
    "Sarek National Park  is a national park [...] in northern Sweden. [...] The national park is popular with hikers and mountaineers, but not suitable for beginners."
    Hey, guys, you never told me that last part before we left. Before this trip, I would have answered "yes" to the question whether I was kind of in shape. Now I know better.
  • I guess I should mention that I got my master's degree this year. But then again, that week in Sarek alone was way harder than that.
  • Travel! Rhodes, Gotland, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris. Bonus points to Anton, Hanna and Viktor for participating in almost all of the above. You rock.

 Thank you, friends, for making the year this good. Hope to see you a lot next year.