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2014: a year of work

Sure, optimally speaking, all years should be different from each other. We don’t want to get stuck into some sub-optimal routine, and the chance that we have found the optimal year already seems highly unlikely (or rather, the definition of optimal year will most likely change every year).

But still. The difference between 2013 and 2014 seems kind of huge.

Remember that I told you I that thought the Day One daily log thingy was going well? Well, it still is. So to the point that I have over a year of consecutive logs, including an image per day and daily tags. And this is the kind of data that I love. A tag cloud for 2014 looks like this:

Tag cloud 2014

As you might notice, I’ve been doing some coding this year. Because in comparison to last year, where I also did a whole bunch of travel and spectacular stuff, this year I only worked. Let me explain.

2014 was the year when I (finally?) moved to the Swedish capital. Since march, I’ve been living in Vårby, outside of Stockholm. Why? Because I decided to accept a promising job offer at an IT consulting company. So the main event of the year could be called ”Moving to a big city, and working there”. Because that is pretty much what I did last year. Instead of consulting with my own company and thus having no real work hours, which enabled a lot of travel, I conformed to a more regular 9-5 job. With strange things such as ”conferences abroad” and ”vacation”. Scary. And on said vacation, I did not travel either - I rather spent time with friends in my hometown since I had not been there for quite a while.

So is that all for 2014? No. I also did the big thing of rebuilding my inferior extensor retinaculum. (Not by myself. A doctor helped.) During the entire 2014, I have been unable to fully take part in sport activities due to my damaged foot, and it is logical to say that this also is somewhat responsible to my year being so non-moving as it turned out. And in december, this foot was operated on and I spent the remainder of the year wearing a cast. Including our end-of-the-year ski-trip. Not really an optimal location to spend time when you need crutches to move around - but still one of the highlights of the year due to the company.

We can look a little bit closer if we remove Coding, to make room for other things. But the only real realization when doing so is that Gaming is easy to do without a properly working foot - and so is going to the Gym:

Tag cloud 2014 (without Coding)

An honorable mention should go out to books - both because I like to pretend I read a lot, but also since they make commuting much more enjoyable. And everyone likes book recommendations, right? After 2014, I would recommend Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the biography of Alex Ferguson, and all the A Song of Ice and Fire books (since the fear of having GoT spoiled turned out to be way too intense).

So what do we make of 2015? Hard to say. All I know is that the first part will be 100% dedicated to rehabilitating my foot. Last year, it held me back from doing so many things that I wanted to do. I’ve come to realize how important sports and likewise are for me. There’s no guarantee that rehab can bring me back to the physical possibilities I had before that floor ball Sunday, 22th of december 2013. But I will do my best.