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2015: work hard, rehab hard

It worked. I may have spent the majority of the first half of 2015 doing weird rehab exercises, but my foot is almost fully restored. After the summer, I tried floor ball again for the first time in 600 days, and it’s kind of silly how being able to run around chasing a little plastic ball made me so happy. Needless to day, from that day I overcompensated and joined our floor ball team AND our soccer team, begun running, playing beach volley tournaments and just generally did not adhere to the philosophy of “taking it slow in the beginning”. Sports are awesome.

The first half of this year didn’t offer much exciting things to write about, the rehab/work combo pretty much did its thing. I traveled a lot though. In 2015 I had 36 travel days. Which could seem like much, considering that I didn’t go abroad during my vacation. But it sounds less glamorous once you realize that most of these were weekend trips within Sweden: This summer was the Grand Summer of My Friends’ Weddings. Which is great and all. But maybe some of them could have thought of getting married a bit closer? No?

Instead of traveling during my vacation weeks this summer, I borrowed the life of a friend of mine in the north: Rented his apartment (which since it’s in Piteå just causally has a balcony with an exceptional view of the sea). Borrowed a sporty BMW and then tried to play golf. Golf has potential. Especially since it’s compatible with rain in a much better way than beach volley, and these weeks had their fair share of that.

I also took the big grown-up step of buying my own apartment this year! Since august, I am the proud (? - more like nervous) owner of 35 m2 at Telefonplan. Practical, since I needed a place to stay. Mentally annoying since having millions in debt doesn’t really feel that cool. But it’s sinking in and I will probably have adjusted to the feeling any day now.

Wrapped up the year with our traditional New Years trip, my friends and I - this time we went to Ireland. Or, well, kind of traditional. Last time we were 15 people, this time only five of us were going, and two fell ill so suddenly the travel team was down to three people. Traditions are hard to keep up, as always. The trip turned out great nevertheless. Driving on the left side of the road is unexpectedly hard. The muscle memory is very strongly trained how to act in roundabouts, for instance.

As of tradition, I give a shoutout to the best books of this year. And the theme this time is clear - books that turned into movies: The Martian was incredible. If you liked the geekier parts of the movie, you are in for a treat. I also enjoyed Shutter Island and Gone girl - I’ve seen both, and if you enjoyed the movie, you can be sure the book will be equally good or better. And not necessarily end the same.

Should I say something about 2016? My rehab prediction for 2015 was kind of spot on. But 2016 is more flexible. Just like my foot. Get it? Ending with a joke: 2p.