David Erik

"This blog has more redesigns than posts" - Any reader

2016: what a year.

Okay I am not sure what I mean by that. By all means, it was pretty basic. I mostly worked, I exercised like crazy, I travelled some, and then the year was over. If you are here for the TLDR, that was it. If you are one of the few who are more curious than that, read on.

The year begun like most others, lately. When coming home from Christmas and New Years, working for a while without interruption seems reasonable. Until spring when you causally slip away for skiing, climbing, living in the Andalusian desert, and watching light shows in Brighton. Pretty normal stuff, no?

During the summer I also went with Phil to Greece, and learned a lot. Things that I later got good use out of when we for this New Years went to Scotland and Hogmanay and tried out the car-on-the-left-side once more. Good stuff.

2016 was also the year when I went to Vilnius and decided to write music. Definitely the most enjoyable project for the year. Stay tuned for something recorded (I just need to learn to sing first).

And while I’m namedropping countries, I could mention that I’m writing this post from the shadow of a palm tree in Mexico. Kudos to my friends that take me with them for all these strange trips to here and there.

When I actually stayed in Stockholm, this year’s highlights are two things: exercise in many forms (especially Floor ball and Soccer have been good to me, and Climbing is growing on me again), and Boardgames! Boardgames have been missing from my life in some sense since I moved from the North. No longer so - back with a vengeance!

When it comes to reading, this was the year when I found my way back to fiction. Top of mind I remember a lot of Sci-fi by Alastair Reynolds, and a bunch of fantasy books by Brandon Sanderson. I didn’t really realize until lately how much I enjoy reading fantasy books.

The key, as always, is you guys, that join me in all these activities, and don’t care when I flip out about irrelevant stuff (like photos that has a timestamp printed on them).

See you in 2017!