David Erik

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Earlier this year, me and my dad went to Iceland. It was quite an experience. Iceland is a beautiful and strange place. A calm place. If I were to do an Into-the-Wild-thingy and just randomly start living in the wilderness, this could be that place. I read somewhere that Iceland used to be used for astronaut training, as the terain is unlike anywhere else. It actually do make sense.

I don't really know how to describe Iceland. When I try to put words to the visit, it sounds rather boring and presents Iceland as an almost too calm place. Instead, I've decided to upload a few pictures.

The amazing Blue Lagoon. Bathing in the byproduct of a geothermal power plant. A healty byproduct. A strange concept. Image one is mine. Image 2 is stolen, to indicate the how pointless it is to take pictures by myself when someone else always will do it better.

Gullfors. An amazing two-step waterfall. Most of my images from this place were blurred since my camera got wet just by being close to this magnificent place.

The most ambitious meal we had were at a restaurant at the top of the water tower on top of Reykjavik. In addition to its extraordinary location, this restaurant also rotates slowly, so you can look in all directions during the meal. Pretty fancy.

Okay, fine. This image might not be very describing. But I liked it enough to let it conclude this light image presentation. Besides, rain is awesome, and it rained ALOT during parts of the trip. All rainy days can be used as additional reasons to justify my overexpensive Norröna outershell - so no complaints there.

Visit Iceland if you have the chance.