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The result of Lift, month 1

During November I have been using Lift: an iPhone-application to track daily habits. Or as the official homepage states: "a simple way to achieve any goal, track your progress, and get the support of your friends." Personally, it is the gamification that attracted me to Lift in the first place: If I can see statistics on my habits, I am sure that I will constantly try to beat myself.

You can add any habit to Lift, and I chose four deliberately vague that I wanted to track: Exercise, Sleep before midnight, Read, and Write.

Habit 1: Exercise

My exercising habits are very random, depending on motivation and time. By tracking this task, I wanted to keep motivation up even when time was lacking. With a result of exercise 19 out of 30 days, I can directly tell that this is an improvement from my normal sporadic exercise schedule. (Bonus points for guessing what day of the week I usually rest from exercise)

Habit 2: Sleep before midnight

Sleep is crucial not only for work effectivity the next day, but also for improving my other habits: a less tired me is more likely to Read, Write and Exercise, surprising enough. It is interesting how well the little reward of a green square managed here: going from almost always staying up way late to a close-to-perfect result, not counting weekends were the sleep possibilities in the mornings often is much better. December will have a hard time beating this, considering the upcoming holidays.

Habit 3: Read

Reading were supposed to go hand in hand with Sleeping earlier: by going to bed by 23:30, a natural time box for reading would appear. This did not really work out, and is also connected to what I am reading at the time. I recently finished Harry Potter 7 (in German, as a language exercise) and the only reading I got right now is "The Education of Millionaires" and I am not hooked on that at this moment. The 4 Hour Chef is a possible next book here.

Habit 4: Write

Writing were the habit that I knew I had the hardest time doing regularly (as can be seen based on how few blogposts it's been lately). I believe writing is incredibly useful and would really like to get more writing done, but November did not manage to really fix this. Hopefully, December will step up.


In conclusion: Even though I don't have statistics for October, I am certain improvements were done in all four habit areas (with the possible exception of Writing). Now when I have statistics to battle, I believe it will improve even more. And I have to give credit to Lift for all this. Without this little gorgeous app, I would never had enough motivation. Thank you, Lift.