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7 things that made 2012 awesome

Every time a year ends, we usually look back at it and remember a few special things in particular. These could be small or big, important or just a little fun. The relevant thing to consider is that after a whole year, such a list should in theory be incredibly long - since a year is incredibly long. After all, why wouldn't you be doing things worth remembering at the end of the year?

The problem is that even if we do many incredible things, we really don't remember all of them. This is why keeping a blog of some sorts comes in handy. And even if I'm not particularly  fond of social media, browsing through your posts for the year could also be helpful. Even though I haven't been very active at anyone of these methods, I have tried to remember things that I really liked during the now ended 2012. The list goes as follows, with an approximate ordering in time:

Norröna and Icebreaker

I bought my Norröna Lofoten outershell jacket early in 2012, and accompanied with a Norröna /29 fleece hoodie, I have the best possible jacket I can think of. This jacket is brilliant and helped enhance the experience of some points below. Regarding gear, Icebreaker gets another two thumbs up. Recently bought the 200g/m2 Icebreaker base layer, and it is amazing.


Incredible place that I visited together with my father. I blogged about it here.

Renting a house in Ammarnäs

Ammarnäs is small place in Lapland, Sweden, with less than 100 inhabitants. Due to its location, it's an amazing location for snowmobiles and downhill skiing. Enough said.

Working with Max and Robin

Spent a large amount of time this summer working as web consultant together with two of my classmates, Max and Robin. You guys rock.


Two books in particular made this list: I am Zlatan and Steve Jobs. Very different, but very good in their own ways.

Playing floorball with friends

A weekly activity that made every beginning of the week extra bright knowing that it soon was wednesday and floorball. Thank you for that.

Celebrating new year downhill skiing

This new year I travelled with friends to Kittelfjäll, Sweden, and spent a few days skiing. Not much sunlight this time a year in Sweden, but amazing nevertheless.


All in all, 2012 was a very good year. Thank you for participating.