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Why this year will be even better than the last

Okay, so 2012 was awesome. The next step is to make sure 2013 is at least equally awesome. Or preferably even better. But if a year will be amazing or not is hard to tell beforehand. My method for trying to ensure I am satisfied when 2013 is over is to try to be consistent with the positive habits I have and try to avoid the negative habits I drag with me. I wrote about Lift earlier, a sweet little habit tracking app that I will continue using during 2013. I track most of the points below through Lift. There's something about statistics.

Lets not call these new year's resolutions. Lets call them guidelines. That I conveniently align with the beginning of a new year. Just like taxes. Kind of.

  • Stay positive (like THAT would be possible) | People sometimes think I am not positive enough. By putting it in a list, I cannot ignore them. Good song by The Streets by the way.
  • Less social media | Read "less slacking on Facebook and Twitter".
  • Read and write more
  • Sleep before midnight
  • Keep exercising
  • Log what I eat | Not because I eat too much or too unhealthy. I eat too little.

There you have it. My recipe for an awesome 2013. And, as with all recipes, it is often possible to change the amount of all the ingredients and still produce an amazing dish. And, cheesy enough, food is always better in the right company.