Welcome to the North

We arrive late, almost midnight. Something feels wrong. We should not really be here.

The conditions are perfect for this kind of situation. A fog like no one before has invaded the air. And it is dark. In the north of Sweden, it is always dark during this time of the year. Add midnight and fog to that.

All of a sudden, I feel like I am part of a role playing game. One of those when you spend more time running around in scary environments than actually unravelling scary situations.

There are not many of us, but not few. Our drop zone is unusual for this kind of situation, and confusion takes place. The bravest of us start walking randomly in the only direction where there is light. Others, me among them, follow blindly. Don’t want to fall behind.

We approach a building. Good. We expected a building, just not this dark. One heavy door later and the game-like scenery continues - now it is that kind of building where construction work started many years ago, and abruptly stopped many many years before it should have. My instinct is to stop, as many others around me.

Luckily, we have our experienced heroes. They know the drill. Calmly, they guide us forward through the chaos, and we enter a more organized part of the base. In theory the safer part, but I see no authorized personnel on sight. Strange, since these kind of organizations hold security as a crucial issue. Now everything is closed down. The lights seem to be running on half speed.

We finally reach our objective, and assume that the worst part is over. But one look towards the vehicle, that will take us towards the next objective, reminds us of the fog. And the upcoming trip through a dark, deserted forest.

I really wish I could say that Luleå Airport is world first with applying gamification to the arrival process. But alas.