02. September 2014

A trip to Stockholm

This is a brief description of when my father and I traveled eleven hours south along the swedish E4 road with Stockholm as the end destination, in a dirty white car loaded with all my possessions. Except for a bike, a pair of downhill skis, and a coin collection with an approximated value of 1500 SEK, even though one of the coins actually is dated 1868.


31. August 2014

When your phone dies, don’t die with it. Live without it

This is a story from a weekend when I visited Stockholm, long before I moved there and knew anything about the city. It should be mentioned, however, that it could as well happen today. My navigation skills are sparse, so to speak.


03. November 2013

Welcome to the North

We arrive late, almost midnight. Something feels wrong. We should not really be here.


30. October 2012

The Light Button toggle syndrome

This is something we have all experienced. We enter a room, often a bathroom. We automatically move our hand to the light button. Instead of turning on the lights, we actually turn them off, since they were already on. The action was automatic and the light button did not prevent our error. This is something that’s annoying people all over the world.*


25. October 2012

Why good habits can be bad for you

I love Spotify. It’s amazing. Everyone should use Spotify. A friend of mine doesn’t, and I asked why.

“I don’t want to be dependent on that service. If I stop or can’t use it anymore by any reason, I will have absolutely no music at all. If I stick to buying albums, this can’t happen.” *

The point here is that even though something is amazing, it might not be worth it.


23. September 2012

Real world application of improved senses by disabling one

Disclaimer: This might come off as a bit stupid, but think about it for a few seconds. It worked (kind of), it didn’t end in any disasters and most importantly, applying theories in practice is always good, right? That’s how we learn.